Practice Center

What a person attains in life or in business represents more than the financial security it brings. It is an integral part of who they have become, and serves as the foundation for future endeavors. An abiding appreciation for this simple truth is at the core of our belief that anything worth building is worth protecting.

For business, we can help you construct a solid legal platform upon which your company can grow – developing secure frameworks and practices that support and protect that growth; minimizing risk through incorporation, buy-sell agreements, contracts, trademarks, partnerships and leases; minimizing losses through collections and litigation services; and putting business asset-protection strategies in place.

We are also here to help protect your interests and preserve your legacy through Estate Planning; Wills & Will Contests; Living Wills and Living Trusts; Family Partnerships, Healthcare Power of Attorney; and Probate and Probate Litigation services.

A lot of hard work goes into any meaningful accomplishment, and A.S. Bondy is here to make sure that you and yours are protected.

Practice of Law

The Law Offices of Aryeh S. Bondy represent the following practice areas:

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate and Probate Litigation
  • Business law, contracts, collections
  • Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships
  • Shareholder agreements and disputes
  • Trademarks and related matters
  • General Business Litigation

Private Practice

We understand that everyone is different, with different needs at different times. This is true for private individuals and companies alike. Our firm strives to remain flexible, while continuing to expand our expertise to address all possibilities. We place a high priority on forging strong, lasting relationships with everyone in our diverse client base, regardless of their size or stature. We genuinely enjoy working with our clients, and representing them with integrity, openness, and mutual respect.